How to stream music from your PC wherever you are

How to stream music from your PC wherever you are

What’s the easiest way to get your entire music library with you, no stuff where you go? Google Play Music of course. Besides what if you do not want to use the cloud? Well, you can also stream directly from PC to your phone.


It’s harder to set up than Google Play Music and might interfere with your router settings, but it’s far from rocket science.

Streaming music has been a long time. You’ve got Pandora, Songza and Jango all of which can stream music for free on internet radio. Or you can use our reviews or our Radio reviews to stream music on demand to your Android. Then you get Google Play Music and Amazon MP3, which lets you save your music unnoticed and stream it from there. How to stream music from your PC wherever you are

But what if you want a direct stream from PC to your Android, no clouds are occupied? That’s when the following app really shines.

Note: If you are behind a router and you want to stream music from your PC you need to know your external IP address and how your ports are going on. Since different routers have different forwarding instructions, make sure if you do not know how to go ahead.

Audio Streamer [Windows]

Audio Streamer [Windows] The initial app on this list is actually not an Android app at all. Audio Streamer is a plan that you can download to your PC to convert it into a streaming server. You used to start it; it will sit in the background and start listening on the port you identified. It can be accessed through a single browser using your computer’s IP address, which means you can access music with a different phone or computer. By default, Audio Streamer runs on port 9090. The interface for Audio Streamer is somewhat archaic but successfully completed. In order to act in conjunction with Audio Streamer, you must provide high-quality login credentials because it prevents accidental people from falling over to connect your Audio Streamer link from interference to your music.

All in all, Audio Streamer is a basic application that could use a little extra paint. However, if you do not want to have trouble installing new apps on your phone OR if you really want to access music from many types of devices, Audio Streamer is the single you want.

Home DJ [Windows]

Home DJ is a self-proclaimed successor to the Galaxy Audio, a wonderful Android app that stopped operations earlier this year. To use it, you first need to download the Home DJ Server request running on your PC. Then, you need to fix the Home DJ app for Android, which creates an important connection to your PC for streaming music.

There are some cool features for Home DJ that you will not find anywhere else: offline cache, which allows your Android to show previously played cached songs around; dynamic playlists, who will constantly play similar songs from within your music collection; stream quality settings, so you can reduce bandwidth requirements while you are on weaker links; ability to set streaming forms for Wi-Fi & Data.

Air Stream [Windows, Mac]

Air Stream is the first resolution to be included in the list to include a Mac computer as a streaming process element, plus an addition just as a music streamer. In addition to streaming selected songs, you can use Air Stream to the right to insert and copy files on the main computer to the streaming device. Really the right choice if you are looking for additional features like that.

The river current relationship is protected by requesting incoming credentials. In addition, the skills are made smooth thanks to the music player and case navigator that is inside the Android Air Stream app. And for those of you who, like me, give a lot of significance to the interface design, fresh aesthetics and free flowing Air Stream will be wonderful.

Air Stream does not require port forwarding because it will routinely detect computers on the same Wi-Fi network. If you are not on the same Wi-Fi network, Air Stream will not work.

Sound Wire [Windows, Linux]

Wire Sound is somewhat different from other apps in this catalog because it does not stream music, per se. In fact, whatever stream you listen on your PC to the receiving device, which your funds will also hear IM sounds, pop-up errors, game sound effects, and anything else that plays from your computer while streaming. It’s the funds that your PC can still use any music player previously on How to stream music from your PC wherever you are

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