Switchin ‘Gears and Rockin’ Out

Switchin ‘Gears and Rockin’ Out

The world of manual and music transmission improvements have one thing in common – a healthy appreciation for the greatness of American cars. Throughout the history of contemporary popular music, some of the greatest songs of all time have been written with land travel and other aspects of the automotive experience. It’s easy to see why. No one catches the imagination like a car, regardless of their transmission system, whether it be a classic, a truck or a hybrid. Here are some of the best car inspired songs, if you need a soundtrack for your next trip to a mechanic.
Car by Gary Numan (1979)

Switchin ‘Gears and Rockin’ Out

Numan helped usher in a new-wave rock era symbolized electronically with this unmistakable number. Although sometimes fired as a miracle once, Numan has maintained a prominent cult to this day, though he never again matches the success of mainstream Cars. Like any genre, the popularity of new waves and other electronic music styles tends to wobble and flow. But as proof of Cars’s versatility, he gained fame amongst heavy metal fans when Fear Factory released a version in 1996. Indeed, whether you’re a new wobble or metalhead, Numan has the right idea – The only way to live, is in the car.

Fun, Fun, Fun by Beach Boys (1964)

While it’s sad how the legacy of this iconic American pop band has been marred by intense vengeance and interpersonal lawsuits, at least we can always enjoy the music, no matter how much Mike Love and Brian Wilson hate each other. Some lyrics from the beginning, campy era of Beach Boys looks dated lately, but Fun, Fun, Fun is an exception. Parents of teenage drivers know very well that if their kids drive to a hamburger when they say they will go to the library, and especially if they send SMS while driving, it’s time to bring T-Bird away. Brand New Cadillac by Vince Taylor / The Clash (1959/1979)

Many people mistakenly assume the Brand New Cadillac version that appears on the recording of Clash London Calling is the original version. While Clash frontman Joe Strummer introduced a rocking but terrible track to the punk rocker generation, it was first released by Vince Taylor and his Playboys 20 years earlier. After writing what is still considered a classic rockabilly, you can not help but wonder how many Cadillac Taylor’s are directly responsible for selling for decades. Road Runner by Bo Diddley (1960)

Not that any reasonable person would let drag racing, but this anthem for excessive speed by one of the earliest rock ‘n roll legends definitely made it sound cool. Diddley lives up to the age of 79, indicating that he’s interested in careless fantasy driving, but not reality. Road Runner has been covered by a list of hard rock kingpins laundry – including The Who and Aerosmith – and also appeared on the Leonardo DiCaprio Film 2013 soundtrack on Wall Street. This fact certainly proves the absence of the song. Next time you visit your local manual transmission repair expert, be sure to ask about their favorite songs. Switchin ‘Gears and Rockin’ Out

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