What to Expect From a Weekend Marriage Retreat

Many married couples turn to marriage counselors for help resolving their problems and improving their relationships, but these weekly sessions often require months of hard work before they even begin having any positive effect. This can be extremely discouraging for couples that feel like their marriages are on the brink of dissolution.

Thankfully, there is a better solution. Attending a marriage retreat offers couples the time and resources they need to get their marriages back on track faster. Read on to find out what to expect at this kind of intensive couples therapy retreat.

Focused Counseling

At private counseling retreats, couples will receive three to four days of highly focused, personalized marriage counseling in a welcoming and comfortable environment. These counseling sessions are designed to offer couples the tools and resources they need to dive straight into their problems and begin resolving them in healthy ways. It will also help them develop the tools and coping mechanisms they need to handle their own problems in the future as they come up while treating each other with respect, love, and compassion instead of frustration.

Luxury Accommodations

While working with a marriage counselor for the weekend, couples can stay at their choice of modern and luxury hotels in the area. There are plenty of options available in terms of both hotels and dining that will fit just about every taste and every budget. Couples can use their free time as an opportunity to treat themselves, rewarding themselves for all of the hard work that they are putting into improving their relationships.

Crisis Resolution

The primary focus of this intensive form of marriage counseling is to resolve any immediate crises and help couples build trust and respect for each other. Of course, resolving the primary issue won’t prevent all future disputes, but the skills learned in couples therapy can be instrumental in making it easier to work through problems in a calm and respectful way in the future.

Long-Term Effects

The skills that couples learn at marriage retreats don’t get left behind when they head home and resume their daily lives. Both partners will bring these new relationship skills back with them, making it easier for them to resolve their problems themselves once they’ve returned home. This can have a dramatic positive effect on the long-term outcome of a marriage.

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